Acoustic enclosures

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Aabo Acoustics / Isolamin AB offers a complete prefabricated, self carrying panel system with fire proof materials.

All panels are self carrying and separately dismantable with ease. The panels can perforated or not and the panel surfaces are galvanized steel with or without enamel.

Alternative surfaces are aluminium or stainless steel. We deliver panels of 16 mm op to 200 mm and still sound proof up to 53 db (A).

General advantages in acoustic enclosures:

  • Complete system incl. doors and windows.
  • Modular system (100%) with corner and T-panels. No adjustments need during assembly.
  • Self carrying up to 6000 mm without additional constructions.
  • Fire proof approvals EI 30, EI 60 (also for perforated panels) + F 90 & EI 120.
  • Single and double perforated side surfaces (absorbing).
  • Sound proof up to 52 db (A).
  • Suitable for outdoors assembly.
  • Seperately dismantable and re-usable panels


– Internal enclosures
– External enslosures
– External screens
– Sound proof facades