We are specialized suppliers of panel systems for clean rooms and other controlled environments in

Hospitals and laboratories
Where bacteria and viruses need to be airtight, secured, and controlled environment.

Electronics production
Where the smallest particles must be removed from the air.

Food production
Where temperature and moisture must be controlled for optimal yield.

Medical production
Where rooms must constantly be tempered and monitored.

When it comes to your clean room, whether portable, mobile, or any other type we guarantee the highest quality and service. We work hand in hand with you to find the ideal solution to solve your problem. We understand that design requirements such as pressure, temperature, and installation undergo frequent changes, so we take the time to give you the best custom design that are aligned with your situation instead of standardized design.

We provide custom-made doors, windows, and sandwich panels that are highly flexible and simple so that you can easily fit them into your design and obtain optimal solution. The panels meet all ISO clean room standards. We only provide panels, doors and windows for cleanrooms however we have a global network of highly reliable partners to provide special accessories such as ventilation, bacteria measurements etc.

We have the technical know-how to deliver your clean room custom designs within


Work environment

Walls and ceiling

Walls, doors and windows

We have worked across the globe to create clean rooms fitted the unique challenge which comply with local regulations