Delivering custom made clean room panels for more than 35 years

We are specialized suppliers of panel systems for clean rooms and other controlled environments in

Hospitals and laboratories

Electronics production

Food production

Medical production

Where bacteria and viruses need to be airtight, secured, and controlled environment.

Where the smallest particles must be removed from the air.

Where temperature and moisture must be controlled for optimal yield.

Where rooms must constantly be tempered and monitored.

Tailored to fit your design. Quick and easy installation.

Simple integration with different specialized and custom accessories.

Window installation

Door installation

Our clean room panels are made from reliable Scandinavian premium quality grade materials

Sound reduction

Tested and approved for sound reductions up to 49 dB

Fire insulation

Approved fire resilience up to class EI 120 (2 hours)


Approved for airtightness class C and D (EUROVENT 2/2, VVS-AMA


Reduces the heat transfer with up to 0.44 W/m2C

structural strength

Approved for a point pressure of 150 kg on a 6.000 mm free span

We have seen most clean room challenges while working with our​

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Satisfied customers

When it comes to your clean room, whether portable, mobile, or any other type we guarantee the highest quality and service. We work hand in hand with you to find the ideal solution to solve your problem. We understand that design requirements such as pressure, temperature, and installation undergo frequent changes, so we take the time to give you the best custom design that are aligned with your situation instead of standardized design.

We provide custom-made doors, windows, and sandwich panels that are highly flexible and simple so that you can easily fit them into your design and obtain optimal solution. The panels meet all ISO clean room standards. We only provide panels, doors and windows for cleanrooms however we have a global network of highly reliable partners to provide special accessories such as ventilation, bacteria measurements etc.

We have the technical know-how to deliver your clean room custom designs within


Work environment

Walls and ceiling

Walls, doors and windows

We have worked across the globe to create clean rooms fitted the unique challenge which comply with local regulations

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We follow a simple 4-step approach, and we work with you every step of the way

Make preparations

Design solution



You can usually make the preparations yourself, we just need to have some pictures of the area, a 3D drawing or something ells that will indicate the dimensions of the project area.

We work close with you to find the best design solution that fits all your specifications. We usually design a 3D model of the wall, so that you can see your new clean room and know exactly what you get.

When you are satisfied with your design we send your order to productions with a lead time of 4-6 weeks around Europe and about 7 to the rest of the world. In the mean time you can set up the project area for installation.

The installation process is easy. In most cases you can do it yourself with a little guidance form us ells we can send our montage team to do it.

Technical specifications

We work closely with our clients and suppliers to create the right designs that meet your precise specifications and preferences. We go above and beyond to ensure your clean room has the right accessories – walls, doors, etc. – to give you the optimal controlled environment. Our accessories can be tailored for various clean room levels, clean room classifications, and clean room international standards. You are guaranteed a durable end-product with the right material and design to give you an optimal solution.

About the panels

The panels consist of inflammable, cross-layered mineral wool with excellent thermodynamic, thermostable properties while having a high resistance to fire. The design of the panels means you don't require any joist systems during installation. The panel system is self-supporting at a free range of up to 6 meters, with a central point load of 150 kg, thus in most cases eliminating the need for steel construction. The panel are easy and very quick to install which allows for a prompt assembly time and decreases the likelihood of installation errors. The combination of all of these factors gives you an optimal sound solution. Our profile and panel edges offer a responsive joint system. You can order exterior surfaces in stainless steel or aluminum and select from different aesthetic finishes such as PVC-clad, painted surfaces, or a transparent lacquered galvanized finish.

Noise reduction

Our clean room panels go through stringent tests in a sound lab to ensure they meet required standards in sound absorption and reduction. The panels are designed to handle sound reductions up to 49 dB, and, should it be required, can be reinforced with perforated steel sheets to maximize sound absorption. Which still means you have sound reduction while meeting the ISO clean room standards. The sound reduction of our panels usually falls between 28-52 dB Rw.

Easy installation

Our clean rooms are quick and easy to install as it only takes one third of the time compared to conventional and traditional building methods. The joint system and the easily cuttable panels make it simple to implement doors windows fans etc. Creating a quick and fast process which can be prepared off-site thereby either eliminating or vastly reducing down time in case machinery needs to be shot down doing the installation.

Thermal insulation

The panels are designed to fit your clean room environment and specifications. We work closely with your clean room design to make you the panel deliver the ideal thermal insulation with the companying doors, windows, and panels fitted to the thermal challenge. The panels are designed with the thickness outlined by your design specifications. Which further complies with fire system standards up to EI 60.

Logistics and lead time

We are adept in delivering our products within Europe and to the rest of the world. We have a highly experienced tactical delivery team with a sound background in delivering products via land, air, and sea. Product delivery usually takes between 4–6 weeks for project in Europe and around 7 weeks for the rest of the world.

Essential factors to look out for when picking a supplier and solution

While we go above and beyond to offer you the best clean room. If we feel there are better solutions to solve your problem elsewhere, we will send you in their direction after all, we’re confident in our ability to meet your needs best! These are some of the questions we ask our self when building a clean room or other controlled environment.

What is the total cost?

Can I get what I want?

How will the current system react to the installation?

Where should openings, doors, and windows be placed?

What if we need to make changes to the solution?

Do I trust the supplier?