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Aabo Acoustics / Isolamin AB offers a complete and thoroughly tested isolated panel system for floors, walls and ceilings, applicable for the larger ventilation shafts en machine rooms. All panels are self carrying and separately dismantable and with galvanized steelplated surfaces (with or without enamel). Alternative surfaces available in aluminium or stainless steel.

General advantages:

  • Modular system 100% suitable panels with corner and T-panels without thermal relais.
  • Complete system incl. doors and windows.
  • Applicable for all businesses and industries.
  • Airtight and capable of density level 4 (Germany: Level C)
  • Self carrying up to 6000 mm without additional constructions.
  • Fire proof approvals BS 30, BS 60, F 90 & BS 120.

– Duct build up
– Isolation channels / Agregat unit
– Pressure rooms
– Sound proofing
– Noice isolation