Leading provider of tailor-made industrial wall systems

We are specialized suppliers of industrial wall systems to create;

Partition Walls

Industrial Offices

Resting Areas

Smoking Areas

Fire Approved Rooms

Where workstations, storage facilities, restrooms are shielded to secure an efficient divider.

That create a silent and efficient environment for e.g offices, restrooms, foreman stations close to noisy areas.

That ensures a quiet space free from noise pollution and the hectic environment of e.g. a production facility.

Where an airtight wall systems secures the disposal of smoke and hazardous particles.

Where fireworks, explosives are storage approved and machinery needing fire safety measurements can be operated.

  • Tailored to fit your design
  • Easy to install
  • Simple integration with any channel, shafts, and air ducts.

The panels are of the highest Scandinavian quality and has the uppermost approvals within:​

Sound reduction

Tested and approved for sound reductions up to 49 dB

Fire insulation

Approved fire resilience up to class EI 120 (2 hours)


Approved airtightness class C and D (EUROVENT 2/2, VVS-AMA)


Reduces the heat transfer with up to
0,44 W/m2C

structural strength

Approved for a point pressure of 150 kg on a 6.000 mm free span

We work closely with you to find the right solution and since design specifications, in regards to sound, temperature, pressure and installation requirements change we trust that you be best served with tailor-made design rather a standardized panels.

We provide simple and very flexible custom-made sandwich panels, doors and windows which can be fitted to the design of your building and provide quiet and effective ventilation. If needed we can utilize our global network of highly regarded partners to provide the special fans, doors, or any other accessories that you require. After we jointly have settled on you design and possibilities it takes 4-6 weeks to produce and ship across Europe and roughly 7 weeks to the rest of the world.

With more than 35 year´s experience our solutions can take many shapes and sizes ​

Straight wall​

Partial enclosure

Complete enclosure​

We can help you with most sound reduction challenges after having worked with our

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As the panel systems are extremely flexible we have created reliable projects across the globe

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Contact us to start a collaborative process towards your optimal industrial wall system

Make preparations

Design solution



Every solution requires the right preparations. Preparations can be done by you, or we can collaborate to make sure everything is taken care of. These preparations may consist of:

  • Measuring noise levels
  • Measuring area dimensions
  • Calculating price
  • Considering important questions

Our offers always include a 3D drawing and list of units, and we work closely with you to ensure that you get the optimal solution.​

Once we reach an agreement for a solution, you will receive an order confirmation from us.

  • Materials are shipped and typically arrive in 3-5 weeks.
  • You prepare the project area for installation.

The panels are easily installed; you can choose to do it yourself with our guidance, or we can have our experts install them for you.

Technical specifications

We develop solutions in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers and adapt designs the specific requirements of the situation. Our industrial offices is a comprehensive incorporated system with walls, ceilings, doors and the necessary accessories required to create the optimal solution. The system is based on a sandwich panel with a core of bonded transverse heavy mineral wool, a surface layer of smooth galvanized steel sheet and sealed joint system, which can make the system airtight as well as very flexible to least minute changes.

About the panels

The panels consist of a core of non-flammable cross-layered mineral wool in varying densities with great thermal properties and high resistance to fire. The cross-layered mineral wool is glued in staves, producing an extremely strong sandwich construction that makes the installation self-supporting and avoids the need for costly joist systems. A panel system can be self-supporting at a free span of up to 6000 mm in length with a central point load of 150 kg, which completely avoids the need for a steel construction. In addition to saving steel construction, it also provides faster assembly and reduces the chance for installation errors. The profile design of the panel edges provides one of the most useful and flexible joint systems available on the market Surfaces are available in aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium or galvanized steel and you can choose from a wide variety of decorative finishes including a transparent lacquered galvanized finish, painted finishes, or a PVC-clad decorative finish in a variety of colors. The polyester-painted surface finish is entirely free from halogen and PVC-clad surfaces comply with surface finish Class 1 in accordance with Swedish National Board of Housing, Building, and Planning guidelines. Alternatively, we can replace the mineral wool core with EPS insulation if there are no demands for fire insulation or sound insulation.

Thermal insulation

Due to the sandwich design with no thermal bridges the ventilation system minimizes condensation and water damages. The panels are tailored in thicknesses appropriate for your environment and requirements.

Noise reduction

When it comes to acoustical properties, the wall system fulfills the market’s most stringent demands for sound reduction and sound absorption. All panel variants are tested in a sound lab and approved for sound reductions up to 49 dB and can, if needed, be equipped with perforated steel sheets for even better sound absorption. Depending on the choice of thickness and configuration, sound reduction for the panels ranges from 28 to 52 dB Rw. When maximum sound absorption is needed, we supply panels with perforated surfaces with a membrane glued between the sheet metal and the cross-layered insulation. This solution prevents the escape of particles from the core material.

Ease of installation minimizing downtime

Our industrial wall systems are very easy to install. You can choose to do it yourself, or we can send a supervisor or a team to help with the installation. By utilizing an effective 'LEGO' style, the installation process usually takes one-third of the time of traditional methods. Further, most of the system can be assembled around the machine before installation, minimizing the expense of having the machines nearby turned off. Components can be easily cut and drilled onsite, providing the opportunity to easily adapting into existing construction dimensions and making last-minute changes.

Logistics and lead time

We custom package and ship to any location across the globe. Our highly efficient shipping department has many years of experience with both land and sea transports and takes care of all of the necessary documents and transfers. We have a lead-time of 4-7 weeks on a global scale. For small, urgent European projects, we have standard panels warehoused throughout the continent, allowing for a very short lead-time. The wall system is normally delivered with custom height and width modules as specified by the tailor made design.

Get an idea of the price range

We have found that the advantages of customized solutions to address sound issues vastly outweigh cheaper standardized alternatives that have a tendency to be frustrating and cumbersome to install with vast unforeseen additional expenses for such as on-the-spot changes and installation delays. Our approach is to offer a solution that is so easy to install that you can do it yourself with minimal downtime. Only in the rarest of cases are there additional costs and risks of delays for on-the-spot changes. Because we offer customized solutions, we recommend contacting us at +45 52 30 30 88 to discuss all of the possibilities available to meet your unique needs.

Prices we typically operate in

  • Wall price - 88 € / surface m2
  • Window price - 400 €
  • Door price - 990 €


Should the cabin be demountable, include cooling or anything else? Contact us for more info.

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  • +45 52 30 30 88
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