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We are specialized suppliers of industrial wall systems for

Partition Walls

Industrial Offices

Resting Areas

Smoking Areas

Fire Approved Rooms

Shielding workstations, storage facilities, and restrooms to secure efficient dividers

Creating quiet and efficient environments for offices, restrooms, and foreman stations in loud areas

Ensuring a quiet space free from noise pollution and the hectic environment of a production facility

Securing smoke and hazardous particles with an airtight wall system

Storing explosive materials and operating machinery requiring fire safety measures

Tailored to fit your design. Quick and easy installation.

Simple integration with specialized and custom accessories.

Window installation

Door installation

Our industrial wall systems are made with premium Scandinavian quality and meet the highest standards within

Sound reduction

Tested and approved for sound reductions up to 49 dB

Fire insulation

Approved fire resilience up to class EI 120 (2 hours)


Approved for airtightness class C and D (EUROVENT 2/2, VVS-AMA


Reduces the heat transfer with up to 0.44 W/m2C

structural strength

Approved for a point pressure of 150 kg on a 6.000 mm free span

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We collaborate with you to create your optimal solution. We involve you in every step from the design stage to the installation stage. We offer custom-made, flexible designs which meet rigorous standards and specifications. We provide simple, tailored-made sandwich doors, panels, and windows for your industrial wall systems.

If you require fans, special doors, or any other custom component, we have a global network of professional partners ready to meet your needs. As soon as we have the design, we move straight to production. Your product will reach you in 4–7 weeks, depending on your location.

Global provider of custom panel systems for over 35 years

Straight wall​

Partial enclosure

Complete enclosure​

The panel systems are so desirable we have delivered projects from around the world

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You can handle preparations yourself, or you can have our team of experts handle every step for you. We do the following when commencing a project:

We collaborate with you to create the ideal design for your project. We provide you with a 3D model so that you have an overview of project.

Once we come to an agreement, we will send you an order confirmation.

The installation process is straightforward. You can do it yourself or have our experts handle it.

Technical specifications

We work closely with our clients to arrive at the right solutions. Our designs fit with a variety of specifications and measurements. Our industrial office is a comprehensive system built with walls, ceilings, doors, and any other accessories required. Our system consists of a sandwich panel with a core of bonded transverse heavy mineral wool, a surface layer of smooth galvanized steel sheet, and a sealed joint system. This combination gives you an airtight and flexible system.

About the panels

Our panels include non-flammable cross-layered mineral wool. The wool comes in different densities and has superior fire resistance as well as excellent thermal properties. The panels are designed to reduce dependency on joist systems during installation. The mineral wool is attached to staves via a glue which provides a strong and durable sandwich construction. The panel system is self-supporting at a free span of 6 meters in length, with a central point load of 150 kg. This ensures that no form of steel construction is needed. It also minimizes installation errors and facilitates quick assembly. Exterior panel surfaces are available in stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel plate. You can also choose a visually-appealing finish such as PVC-clad, painted surfaces, or a transparent lacquered galvanized finish.

Thermal insulation

The panels are designed to fit with your industrial environment, to your specifications. We work closely with your plans to deliver panels that give you the insulation you need.

Noise reduction

Our industrial wall system adheres to market standards for sound reduction and absorption. We test all panel variants to ensure they meet sound reduction levels of 49 dB. We can also reinforce panels with perforated steel sheets for improved sound absorption. Sound reduction for the panels usually ranges from 28 to 52 dB Rw, depending on thickness and configuration. If maximum absorption is required, we perforate the surface with a membrane glued between the sheet metal and the cross-layered insulation.

Ease of installation minimizing downtime

Our industrial wall systems are easy to install. The installation guide is straightforward. You can do it yourself, or you can have our team of experts assist you. When compared to common installations, our method requires less time and effort. Typical installation methods require machine shutdown before installation. Our method does not require this. You can install the industrial wall around your equipment and machines, with minimal downtime. Our products are flexible so they can quickly adapt to your construction needs, and to last-minute changes.

Logistics and lead time

We make prompt delivery of our products anywhere in the world. We have an experienced delivery department that does an impressive job delivering our products anywhere in the world in record time. Delivery of our products usually takes 4 to 7 weeks, depending on your location. Exceptions can be made for urgent projects within Europe.

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Over the years, we've come to understand that it’s better to use custom designs rather than standard panels. Custom solutions are hassle-free, while standard options usually come with extra difficulties, most notably during installation. Our business is in creating a system that you can install easily and quickly. You can reach us at +45 52 30 30 88 to discuss any industrial wall need.

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We offer an extensive range of doors, windows, and other components which you can attach with ease to your panel system. Do not hesitate to contact us for the best solution.