We are specialized suppliers of panel systems for large ventilation systems in

Factories & Power Plants
Where large amounts of air, and in some cases, toxins, need to be transported to create a safe environment.

Hospitals & Laboratories
Where airflow needs to be insulated to create clean and sterile rooms for both patients and professionals.

Stadiums & Conference Centers
Where large amounts of cooled or heated air are transported and insulated without thermal bridges.

Universities and Banks
Where quiet work areas and inflow of fresh air is paramount for effective work environments.

Shopping Centers and Hotels
Where ventilation needs to be concealed and function perfectly at all times to ensure that the guest´s comfort is not compromised.

Our ventilation systems are made from authentic Scandinavian materials with premium quality grade

Contact us today to start the collaborative process to achieve optimal ventilation

1. Make preparations
Call us to start the process. In most cases you can measure the area yourself, however if the situation is extremely complex, we can send one to measure the area where the large ventilation systems should be setup.

2. Design solution
We work closely with you while creating the best solution for your needs. We create 3D drawings and talk from there, to be aligned on the design and solution.

3. Agreement
After an order is placed materials usually have a lead time for 4-6 weeks in Europe and 7 for the rest of the world. During this time, we would like you to make any preparation if necessary.

4. Installation
Installation is very easy and fast compared to conventional methods. You can either install the ventilation yourself with guidance, we can send a supervisor or our team.

Technical specifications

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to develop the right ventilation systems that provide the optimal suction and fit into your buildings design. Our ventilation system is designed using natural ventilation strategies and a sealed airtight joint system which, thus granting you an airtight solution without thermal bridges. The design is based on a sandwich panel with a core of bonded transverse heavy mineral wool and a surface layer of smooth galvanized steel sheet. Our panels are dynamic and flexible, which makes it easy to add to new and existing buildings.

About the panels

Our panels are fabricated with inflammable cross-layered mineral wool that varies in density which possesses a high resistance to fire and excellent thermal properties. The way the panels are designed eliminates the need for joist systems during installation since the wool is joined to staves using glue and thus, you get a robust sandwich construction as the end result. Our panel system is self-supporting at a free span of 6 m in length with a central point load of 150 kg. The flexibility of our panels makes it easy to install, minimizes the likelihood of installation errors, and downtime. You can have your exterior panel surfaces in stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel plate. Pick from various visually appealing finishes like PVC-clad, painted surfaces, or transparent lacquered galvanized finish.

Noise reduction

Our ventilation panels adhere to the highest sound reduction standards and are regularly tested so to ensure that the fast flowing air in the ducks are quiet. The panels are approved for handling to 49 dB. In addition, to maximize sound absorption, we can reinforce them with perforated steel sheets should you require it.

Ease of installation minimizing downtime

The installation process for our ventilation panels is easy and straightforward. You can install it yourself or request for our experts to handle it for you. The panels are further, adaptable to most on the spot changes securing a minimal delays and fast installation. Which saves you on cost and time.

Thermal insulation

Our ventilation panels limit water damage and condensation due to the sandwich design and absence of thermal bridges. The panels are designed with the thickness that fits your specifications. We also ensure that it adheres to fire system standards up to EI 60. We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our products; hence, why we use materials that meet with the very high safety regulations. The polyester finish of our ventilation panels is halogen-free. Furthermore, PVC-clad surfaces adhere to surface finish Class 1 in accordance with the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building, and Planning guidelines.

Logistics and lead time

We can deliver across the world as we have a responsive shipping team adept at making timely deliveries. With years of experience, our shipping team is more than capable of taking care of all shipping arrangements and documentation processes. Production and delivery usually take between 4–7 weeks depending on your location.